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Sexting has grown in popularity over the past decade or so for many reasons. These reasons come in many forms from the advance in cell phone technology and the invention of acronyms to the fact that many people are more confident in sexting rather than talking sex over a phone. Many people ask their friends and relatives 'Why RU Sextin'?

While the popularity of sexting has boomed the question is still out on whether sexting is the new phone sex. Well why don’t we look at this question and explore in more detail about if sexting is the new phone sex.

Phone sex is a dying art that many do not feel confident in doing; it is something where you need a confident manner and a strong vocabulary. The reason why many are steering away from phone sex is because of the awkward manner if you cannot think of something to say and the embarrassment of talking dirty. In certain circumstances phone sex is fun, but those circumstances do not easily arise in the present time.

sextin girlSexting has grown in popularity because it allows for fun, sexual enjoyment like phone sex but without the awkwardness of not knowing what to say and possibly repeating yourself over and over. The reason for this is that you have time to think about your response without long silences. On top of this sexting also allows you to feel more comfortable and confident in your sexual fun because the person your sexting with is not right there on the phone, you don’t feel like your with that person although the sex texts still give a personal touch.

Sex texts also allow for sex fun anywhere and anytime, you could even be at work during your break time or on a full bus. This is another reason why sex texting is making moves with lovers worldwide.

Overall sexting has over taken phone sex as the most used method of sexual contact using the power of words. This may surprise many but in this day and age it’s actually not that surprising really, you have to remember that many people are on the go and a little fun and flirty sexual sexting really lightens a person’s day. Some people even sext with strangers using commercial services such as arousr.

Tips for hot sexting

If you want to get started with sexting, or want to spice things up to another level, then you can use the following tips for hot sexting. Sexting is a very fun, flirty and exciting method for you and your partner. Try out these tips and see how things go.

Start the sexting – it is good not to surprise your recipient with a sext. You need to move into it over time and set the context first. This is the best way to know that the other person is ready to engage in sexting with you. This will help you to have more fun and not to be shot down.

Think before sexting – before you send the sext, you need to read it over and be sure that you are not outside the context that has been set. Move things slowly, and you will be able to go as far as you want (photos and so on). If you want to be explicit then do so, but move into that language in a logical manner.

Be descriptive – don’t think only in terms of sex words. The best sext comes from descriptive language that forces the person to go into their mind and fill in the blanks that you left out. Women are especially good at this as they are more creative and emotional creatures. Also, think about the novels that women read, and how they are always descriptive, role-plays and more elaborative. Watch the response – wait for the response and see how the other person is feeling. This will be obvious from the language of the response. From here, you can decide to go deeper or ease off a little. Never make the other person feel uncomfortable, as this will be a turn off – the opposite of what you want. Step by step – sexting is a lot like real sex, as you need to move through the stages one step at a time. You should think in terms of fore play before getting into the real business end of the process! Once you see that the time is right to go deeper, then get more sexual and explicit in your sext.

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